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AMO = Anima –- MarimaOmega

AMO = I Love
AMO = The Path Into Your Heart-Consciousness

This website is a page with spiritual symbols and texts.

Translations in different languages are available, although many pages are missing. But you can find all informations in German and in English. Please click in the menue on your language, if a translation is not available, the english text is going to be  opened.


heiliges_herzSymbols of remembering who you really are:
“You are being loved infinitely”



Symbols inspired by Marie Magdalene:
“I am, therefore I love”



omegaSymbols of heart awakening:
“I am love, without beginning and without end”


Why symbols?

We, living in western cultural groups, are matter of fact persons. Our heads are filled with many things. Through this “overload” we can hardly be reached on the pure intellectual level any more. With other words – we all think too much! Our universal helpers and of course the clear-sighted children obviously came up with a new solution … symbols!

Symbols are pictures – they are not only an universal language but also a preverbal language. Symbols do not need to be understood by the head. Symbols with various meanings existed and exist in all cultures and areas of life.

These often arise out of the deep layers of the unconsciousness or as well of the higher consciousness and therefore they reach people exactly on those layers, where they came from. A human being goes in resonance (syntony) with the frequency that is being transmitted by a symbol.

A symbol stands for something, has a certain meaning, is a tool. It works on us in a very fine and subtle way, which is often not really realized. However, it is the key to a certain energy, which activates the inner powers. Changes through symbols happen in a fine way, reach regions of our being that often can hardly be reached by mental messages.

Content of this website:
Amo seals, Anima, Marima and Omega symbols + texts (free download)
Amo Blog (german only)
Amo E-Cards
Amo E-Book (german only)



rufzeichenTranslations are very welcome and if rufzeichenthere is only a single page.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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