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After a temporary ending (symbol 72 “playing together”) of the adventure “symbols with the clear-sighted children (ANIMA) and the inspiration through Maria Magdalena (MARIMA)” I thought, I could calmly lean back and pursue with joy the path of the symbols into the world by internet.

But, of all good things there are three.

This way, I do not only have three children but AMO as well will principally be complete through our third spiritual child OMEGA.

A (nima) + M (arima) + O (mega) = AMO

After playfully thinking about a masculine completion, ending with OMEGA through above mentioned play on words, a dam of creativity broke with me, which was further nourished by many happenings from outside (meeting with Dan Millman, author of “the peaceful warrior”; serious troubles with my wife till finally to the book “Enheartenment” from DS Barron).

That led to a flow of further symbols with the only help of my sons Jonathan and Benedikt this time, Ursula only by straightening the text and precociously sending the seal NEW WORLD by fax.

OMEGA is conscious creational DOING as already indicated at some of the MARIMA-symbols.

Not later than the symbol HEART-AWAKENING it became clear that the old form of ENLIGHTENMENT is not enough. Knowing and doing can only be beneficial, when the heart awakens.

When we were allowed to be channel for the ANIMA symbols of the clear-sighted children, only a few people took this childish gimmick serious.

MARIMA was touching another side and surely it is no coincidence that Maria Magdalena gained importance for so many people on different paths.

With OMEGA a truthful wave of love was launched, which makes clear to even more people: we are all sitting in one boat.

May soon be realized what a famous painter and cosmopolitan already said many years ago

” if there is only one dreaming by himself, it is just a dream.
If there are many dreaming combined,
this will be the beginning of a new reality.”
Friedensreich Hundertwasser

And our all spiritual friend and musician John Lennon had as well the PHANTASY to plant a song as semen into the earth:

phantasieIMAGINE all the people living life in peace…

As there are various devices at disposal now (homepages with free download of all symbols and AMO-seals, e-cards, ANIMA poster, ANIMA script etc.), I am convinced that OMEGA and AMO will contribute their part to speed up the HEART-AWAKENING on this planet.

We always have the CHOICE to see the world as imperfect or perfect, because


In joy, love and thankfulness

Wilfried Fink

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