Message of Maria Magdalene

The ANIMA symbols of the children end with the symbol SEA OF STARS – The answer is everyday life.

With EVERYDAY LIFE start the symbols of Maria Magdalene, starts the sea of stars of MariMa.


The path through the sea of stars either leads spirally from the middle to outside or one can also follow it, proceeding from outside to inside. Over three steps it leads us to the goal.

The „path of perception“ leads from outside to inside in the middle. The first step tells us about our source that we all come from, about our mutual origin and answers the question „where do I come from?“

The second step is the step of transformation and change from me to US.

The third step supports our development from Homo sapiens, the thinking human being, to Homo amans, the loving human being.


Once we have reached the consciousness of Homo amans, we only can love yet …

On the „path of perception“ we begin to understand that we are all coming from one origin and therefore belong together, we slowly learn step by step to move from the ego-centered Me-thinking to We-thinking. At the end of this development there is the Homo amans, who is living love …

The other path begins in the middle of the sea of stars with the symbol MariMa, followed by LOVE! NOW!

This path is the „path of simplicity and love“. When we let us have reminded by the Anima-symbols, which remind us, who we really are, then we are already in the middle of MariMa. Because then we know that we are love!

And out of this wisdom we form our life and our contact with other human beings, the whole world, mother Earth. From this lived love we are going back without any troubles, knowing out of ourselves about the unity of all being. The symbols are no longer support for our development – they are only markers back to BEING, to the origin. On the „path of love“ the symbols show us, how SIMPLE life can be. Salvation, reconciliation, turning to others … all this is easy, when we truly love, then everything is very simple! The path out of our/the middle into life is at its end the voluntary recurrence to the collective or mutual consciousness as an act of pure love.

The path of (head) perceptions is an extremely longsome, filled with errors and confusions, aberrations. The same path with (heart) perceptions definitely is much easier to walk … but the easiest path is the one out of the middle. The path of love leads out of our heart and our soul into everyday life, to our fellow human beings, to all life on our planet mother Earth.


Recover the love inside yourselves again, live it, pass it on.
This is your path back home.
This is the path to your fellow human beings.
This is the path to your personal fortune.
This is the path into a New World.
This path changes EVERYTHING.
It is simple.
There is nothing more to do.
Only to love … and to LIVE this love … because without DOING, this love only remains a semen inside yourselves that likes to sprout and grow, blossom and carry fruit.

Let this semen develop itself.

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