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The ANIMA-symbols of the clear-sighted children help us to remember our divine potential, our essential soul-qualities.

To REMEMBER is the first step that we have to go, in order to create a New World. But to remember alone is not enough. Afterwards we have to try the next step. Even the step of also doing something, living this remembered knowledge.

The MariaMa symbols that emerged under the influence and inspiration of Maria Magdalena are the support for this next step.

The first of the MariMa-symbols emerged at a very small meeting, where we (Till Abele from Freiburg, Wilfried Fink from Eckenfoerde and I, Ursula Wagner from Vienna, did some experimental work. Till wrote a small report about this first meeting and getting to know each other.

But the essential part of it was that we were sitting in front of a picture of Maria Magdalena that has meditatively been received by the paintress Silvana Jazzetti at an Easter promenade in 1999. This painting was confirmed authentic by a meanwhile grown up clear-sighted child and additionally loaded up with its energy.

Each of us knows about the story of Maria Magdalena and the foot anointing that she did on Jesus. This foot anointing she performed with one of the most precious oils of that time, the nard. This foot anointing stayed unforgotten for more than two thousand years.

We experimented with a homeopathic ground of this nard and at this point the story about MariMa began.

Therefore I am certain as well that we have to ask us the question, what this foot anointing, the nard and Maria Magdalena can tell us human beings of today. How should the gesture of the foot anointing be understood, interpreted and lived today? This ritual is humbleness, devotion, love, sacrifice, turning to someone, to get completely involved with another human being … to get involved in a very superior sense. Is the ritual of Maria Magdalena not an appeal to us human beings of the New Age LIVING THIS WAY, to meet our next one the same way?

Not until we get involved, involved with others with the entire soul, we are close. Then all barriers in the head cease to exist, Not until then we are truly ONE.

Separation and barriers is the old path, the new path of Maria Magdalena is the one of turning to others and getting involved … but as well of allowing …

At that time Jesus simply allowed and accepted this gesture, this present of Maria Magdalena, a woman, another human being. Why should we not do the same? To accept and allow this turning to someone, the way that barriers cease to exist, is a part of this new path.

From the remembrance of the children WHO WE REALLY ARE it continues with the female path of Maria Magdalena the TURNING TO OUR NEXT ONE through EVERYDAY LIFE, so that we finally create the New World in our DOING.

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