ANIMA Symbols – czech

You must become again like little children,
full of trust
and love

ANIMA is a collection of symbols which can help us to rediscover the essential qualities within ourselves.

It is important for both men and women to strengthen, develop and accept the essential aspects of their beings.
Our essential qualities include receiving and being receptive, intuition, accepting reality, being careful with others, being aware, surrender, forgiving, understanding, … … …

ANIMA symbols are not meant to change the world directly, nor are they intended to alter things superficially or set external activities in motion.
They are meant to strengthen the essential qualities inherent within each and every one of us.
Changing ourselves, in the end, means changing the world.

Symbols and texts complement each other.

The simplest and most effective way to work with ANIMA is to allow symbols and/or texts to be taken in through your heart, to perceive them there and to feel their energy.
The choice should always be intuitive: it could be a symbol which particularly appeals to you, but it might also be just one line of text.
Your soul knows the way.
You may apply the symbols and texts in any other way you like – trust in yourself.
Your are your own best teacher, be your pupil

If you feel negative emotions in the process, let them be and acknowledge them, don’t react, they are a part of you and it is all good.

The only things that count are your real desires and your intention to activate the essential qualities inherent in your soul.

Everything else simply happens, in line with your current mood – because it is supposed to happen. Have faith, you will be led.

The ANIMA system came into being September 2002 until August 2003 with the help of the so-called ‘Children of Oz’ or ‘Psychic Children’ – children who currently physically live on this earth, who are linked to each other by telepathy.
They gave these symbols to Ursula Wagner inVienna, Austria, and Wilfried Fink in Eckernfoerde, Germany and some other friends in their surroundings after taken the course of “Emissary of Love” by James Twyman (see The complete story will soon be published.

The Psychic Children also maintain mind-contact with adults.
They are all ONE MIND.

These children consciously work together and have created a unique ‘web of consciousness’ around the world. This web of consciousness will allow man to form a new world of love and empathy and having been activated, it requires an answer from mankind.

We humans have thus to decide consciously whether to follow the path of war, hatred and fear or to follow the path of peace and love.

The Psychic Children also maintain mind-contact with whales and dolphins who use their sonars to emit their high frequency waves into the oceans of the world and thereby into the world’s great water-cycle.

Whales and dolphins want to remind us of our role as guardians of the earth and help us to achieve a new consciousness, borne by love and empathy for all.

Together with the Psychic Children, they will help mankind to manage the change-over into the New World.

All that is required is the love and empathy of our souls.

What we think and feel now, and what we firmly believe, will manifest itself!

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