The twelve AMO-symbols have been transmitted to me as „seals“. I have dreamed these seals but I know that it was no dream. I just had to remember … In this „remembrance“ at the same time there was the perception of the deeper sense of our life, why we are here on earth and which mission we all were taking over.

These seals relate to our personal „path“ for our spiritual development. But this „path“ is directly linked with the collective path of mankind and all life here on this earth.

To my own surprise, after drawing the last AMO symbol, I realized that in the center of many seals, the Marima symbol  TOGETHERNESS appears.


Togetherness, that means a second human being, my partner, my neighbor, the colleague, the next human being coming across the road, but also every other creature always is the smallest cell of our big community here on earth. There we have to begin! Between ourselves and a second creature we are in each moment allowed to create a


This perception touched me a lot and let me clearly see what is really important in life and how easy it can be …

In order to create a new world of love and compassion, we do not need to accumulate spiritual knowledge, attend courses, it does not need any initiations, we do not need to recite prayers or sing mantras. All that might be helpful, but much more essential is our acting in everyday life, the turning to our near one, the concern about our planet. As long as we stick to concepts and imaginations that say that I first have to learn or complete this or that, the long I am kept prisoner in my little „ego-thinking“. Our ego attracts our focus on our own existential orientations and only strengthens our efforts for spiritual records … for ourselves …

We all are liable to the divine order.



Therefore EACH human being has got ALL chances in EACH moment. Because:
God does not set parameters, does not make requirements. God does not set up theories or philosophies. God does not need religions, teachers, gurus.

To lead a truthful spiritual life is easy. Because:
God is easy. True things are easy. Only the human being complicates everything. Let go all concepts, let go everything what you believe to know, Dispose of all parameters. You are perfect already.


Anima-Symbol HOLY HEART

Live out of the heart. Listen with the heart. Think with the heart. See with the heart.
Act out of the heart.

Our individual path of spiritual development can only walk and move forward, once we are ready to feel responsible for our fellow human beings, nature, all creatures and our mother earth and act with care and love.

Our path on this earth truly is a collective one. When we are here for others, we automatically advance on our individual path back home … Because we carry responsibility for this eart and all life on it. That way we create a new world of love and compassion and our hearts finally awake to true love.




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