The Messages of AMO – franz


Remember your divine self.
“You are being loved infinitely”


Act in your everyday life as your divine self.
“I am, therefore I love”


Be your divine self.
“I am love without beginning and end”


to finally perceive that


spirituality is life itself that wants to be lived day-to-day by us human beings. All perceptions and all spiritual wisdom only located in our heads, is nothing worth that long, unless it is being lived in everyday life.

Love, regardfulness, gentleness, compassion and serving like to be lived by you.

You are the angel on earth who can embrace his near one …


To perceive that your individual path leads along your near one, the community and the responsibility for the world.

As human being you are the guardian of this planet and you newly create the world in each moment through your thoughts and acts.

This our path begins there, where we stand in life.

It does not need big doings, no actions, no missionaries, no revolutionists, no big events in order to lead the world to the good. The world needs you as conscious human being that is fraught with love to All that is, acting and living accordingly. Life is serving.

You are the angel on earth, who really can helpfully reach the hand to his near one …


Living that way means having perceived why we are here on this planet.

Our divine self makes god appear on earth …

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