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Not until all the symbols were created and the homepage completed and online, were the paths shown and offered to us and perceived by me:

Anima, symbols of remembrance

The symbols of the children guide us through the labyrinth. Labyrinth means ONE path, because a labyrinth is not a maze. We are being guided target-oriented and each symbol is a remembrance.

labyrinth_kompl_gefuelltWhen our soul is coming from another dimension or “fine substantial” areas into this world, it still remembers its wonderful beauty and perfection.

Small children still have this wisdom, but slowly it gets lost. The more a child then feels at home in this world, being completely incarnated, the more the soul forgets.

However, the new children keep the memory of the origin of their souls for a long time and are able to take this knowledge and feeling along their adulthood.

The labyrinth of the Anima-symbols is the path of remembrance of the soul and leads from the symbol ACCEPT until the last sentence of the last symbol SEA OF STARS, which says:


Marima, symbols of doing, acting

We are living in a dual world of inside and outside, of light and shadow, of good and evil.

Therefore, there are two paths in this world that are being offered to us as human beings, and that we are allowed to and must take.

Each symbol is a calling for doing in everyday’s life.


One path is the path of perception.

It begins outside and leads us back to ourselves, to our heart.

This path of wisdom begins with the perception that all is connected with each other, that we are all one. This mental understanding that any separation is an illusion leads us to the next perception that all I do to someone else, I also do or present to myself. As none of us wants to suffer, we slowly begin to develop compassion along the path of perception. Strictly spoken we again begin to return to the compassion of our souls. So we start to abandon bad acts towards others, let go negative feelings and wrong motivations. This way we free ourselves.

This path is not an easy one, we clear away our “rubbish”, let go old patterns until our path slowly becomes free from the clouds that enclose our consciousness.

The other path is the path of the caring heart.

We care about our fellow human beings, because we see their harm and it touches our heart. We know that it is our duty to help, to help without expecting a reward of any kind. The path of the caring heart is a big gift, because it frees ourselves in a natural way, from our egocentric way of thinking and we begin to discover our true being. This, our inner true beauty, then begins to radiate from us and to enlighten the world.

This path of the caring heart is easy to walk, because all acts happen out of love. We feel responsible for everybody and all life on this planet.

Omega, symbols of being

There is no shortcut to the Omega-symbols!

First we need to remember the wonderful beauty of our soul and then we are allowed again to live this remembered wisdom along one of the two paths.

This way we approach our truthful human being.

ways_sternenmeerIn the sea of stars of humanity of Omega we are allowed to sink, here no paths are needed, because we already are all this …
It is an immersion, an experience, again a detection, a recognition of what it means, being a truthful human being here in this world.

Here there are childish, feminine and masculine connected to perfect harmony …
Here we live all aspects of earthly life in balance.

Arriving at Omega, we are love.

Amo, the 13 seals

siegel_kreis_gesamtOur life is simple, easy, less painful, less confusing, when our acts, words and intentions arise from our true nature, the COMPASSION and LOVE of our heart.

Remember, everything is lively, there is no dead matter.
Remember, nobody enters your life by coincidence.
Remember, you are here to help and to serve mankind and the world.

If you ask yourself, why you yet did not move forward that much on your spiritual path, did not make any progress, it is, because your compassion is not big enough. Remember, there is no other spiritual path that is higher than the path of love, compassion, humbleness and your vivid truthful humanity in everyday’s doing, in your everyday’s life …

The truth is, that each word, each act, each intention reflects your consciousness. When you trust your consciousness, your true self and all acts are based on it, then miracles happen by themselves.

In other words, TRUST YOUR HEART,
there is the strength and power that knows the path .

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