eine Anfrage …

Vor einigen Tagen erhielt ich eine Anfrage wegen des AMO Siegels DIVINE ORDER / GÖTTLICHE ORDNUNG.



Hier die Anfrage wörtlich:
I am writing to let you know that the symbol on your page that represents divine I would like to use on a final product of a floating pyramid lamp with the etchings of 108 of the higher consciousness, higher character and universal principles that are a constant reminder to live from one\’s highest, most impeccable and elegant self. You would certainly receive credit for it in the booklet we will be writing to explain each universal law.
Zenzar Design, our new company introducing our lamp does not want to do business in the world at any lesser principles then our lamp embraces.
We would love your permission to use your symbol as one of the 108 symbols when we arrive at a finished product. If you would like to look at our prototype product which has been entered into a contest, please use the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Floating-Pyramid-Lamp-With-108-Spiritual-Symbols.
Yes, we can use other symbols if you say no and we will graciously accept your decision. Our hope is you will allow us to use this symbol; our goal is to put the widest possible range of symbols from every culture, age, era, nationality, tribe, civilization, spiritual realms, ancient, modern or universal.
Kindest regards,

Da mich Anfrage natürlich sehr freut, habe ich der Verwendung zugestimmt, keine Frage!

Hier noch das MARIMA-Symbol GÖTTLICHES GESETZ, welches – wie mir erst hier beim Schreiben auffällt – sehr starke Ähnlichkeit mit dem AMO-Siegel hat.



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