16 Chakras of the New Time – holl

Everything is in the process of development and change, our collective consciousness, our earth and connected to it our personal consciousness.

Diviners have asserted that the big energy lines of the earth have transformed themselves from 7 to 8 parallel lines. That means, the valid number of the Age of Aquarius is the eight and no longer the seven.

Going along with that, a new chakra in the form of a star appeared on Good Friday 1978. It is the first chakra, whose point of consciousness is placed outside the human body. All of us have already seen images on pictures of it – it is the halo. Through this activated eighth chakra we have now a better access to higher consciousness-conditions.

1987 the number of potential chakras doubled from eight to sixteen. The new chakras are all placed on top of each other above the head, extended up to 3m beyond and can be sensed.

Since then the new chakras belong to each human being, but not all of them are activated, respectively activated the same way at each human being. The activation of the sixteen chakras depends on the consciousness-condition of the particular human being.

Colin Bloy, who was a well known English healer and diviner, was consistently speaking about the new chakras and the evolution of the human being towards the “Homo amans”, the loving human being. I would like to thank him for having received this knowledge.

To the first 13 chakras Amo-seals are being related, because each of our chakras does not only have one ME-reference but as well a YOU-reference, which is even much more important, when we like and continue to develop ourselves from the Homo sapiens to the Homo amans, the loving human being of the New Age. This YOU-reference would the Amo-seals like disclose to us, because it becomes more and more vital, to live and implement the YOU-reference of our chakras. As YOU we should understand each living being of this world, each tree, each plant, each stone and each human being of course.

All chakras do not only serve our own spiritual growth but our path of consciousness-development leads us through the YOU and the US.

The last three of the higher chakras are not really ascertainable for our intellect. There are no seals for them as well. But I have found a wonderful explanation for it in the genesis of the Kabbala (please read at the end of the page).

Therefore the already activated 8th chakra is the key-chakra at each human being, assigned to it is the seal HEART-CONSCIOUSNESS.

The path into the HEART-CONSCIOUSNESS is free, your skills are activated for it – you only have to walk the path into your HEART-CONSCIOUSNESS by yourself … there is nobody else here who could walk it for you.

The Amo-seals show you the path through the 16 chakras …
the Anima-, Marima- and Omega-symbols are the support for the little steps on this path back home.

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